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OK already enough is enough!!! I don't know about you but I am finally fed up with typing out overloaded methods by hand! Some of my apps/libraries have up to 41 , yes 41 overloads for some of my methods. Why so many overloads??? Like everyone else I don't want people to have to convert/adapt there data structures in order for them to call a particular function I wrote. I know I hate having to!

So I created a application that will write out code for a specified overloaded method and also generate xml comments for those methods. And once and for all solve the problem of managing and writing out by hand overloaded methods! Ok the app is basically complete aside from a spit polish to the GUI, but hey it works. I cheated so the user now has to select from a generated list of overloaded methods as to which ones they want to keep/use, rather than the app deciding what methods the user would want to use.

Now the only real hard part is determining how hard it would be to create a vs.net addin or macro so that users can modify existing overloaded methods and add there own etc. Actually the really really hard part would be to come up with a way to generate the proper code that the user wants each overloaded method to execute!



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