Tile Material Creation Window

Provides a tool for selecting a tile from a tile set and creating a material from that tile.

*Tileset from Ari Feldman's Spritelib http://www.widgetworx.com/widgetworx/portfolio/spritelib.html


How to use

  1. Download the TileMaterialCreationWindowR2.zip file and extract the *.unitypackage file within it.
  2. Import the *.unitypackage into a new unity project.
  3. A new "Tools" menu should appear in the unity menu.
  4. Select "Tools-Tile Mapping->Tile Material Editor".
  5. Select a tile set texture.
  6. Specify the tile width and height dimensions and specify a spacing value if the tiles are spaced.
  7. Select one or more tiles from the tile set by left clicking and dragging a selection rectangle.
  8. Specify an output folder where the material file will be placed.
  9. Specify any labels you wish to attach to the material after it's created. Each label must be separated by a space.
  10. Give the material a name and tweak the edges using inset. Inset shrinks the selection rectangle by a small amount to help clip off any unwanted pixels bleeding over from adjacent tiles.
  11. Click the create button to create the material

Needed Features

  1. Have the ability when prompted to overwrite a existing material to update that material instead of overriding it. overriding the material breaks links to any obect that used the old material.
  2. Ability to flip horizontally or vertically the selection so you dont have to create separate textures

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