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The Tiledbackground library is a fast easy DrawableGameComponent that is designed to draw a tiled background. 

Below lists the current status of the various features that are either currently working or on the drawing table. 

Working features

  1. Draws a tiled background in the current viewport
  2. Supports scaling

Features on the drawing table and issues to be fixed

  1. Need to add scrolling support
  2. need to add Content.Load<> so you can load a background from a xml data file


  • (Not Currently availible)
    Contains the code for TiledBackground Release 1 as well as one example project


  • TiledBackground Release 1 Demo
    Just a quick demo showing off the TiledBackground component.


  • TiledBackground Tutorial Part 1
    Shows the steps required to add and setup the TiledBackgroundComponent to your xna project.


Picture Galleries

  • Release 1 Images
    Some screenshots from the first TiledBackground release.

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