Windows Game Programming with Visual Basic and DirectX

Date: August 1, 2003
Book Title: Windows Game Programming with Visual Basic and DirectX
Book Author: Wayne S. Freeze
ISBN: 0-7897-2592-4
Style: Soft Cover

Yet another swing and a miss, for books and reading. This is definitely a beginner's book.

Although this book takes you through the steps of creating a simulated shopping mall game. I believe it would have been far more beneficial to create a two axis side scrolling platform game. Not only would a platform game be more entertaining, and action oriented. But there would be more opportunity to introduce things such as basic physics and artificial intelligence.

One thing I have trouble with this book is the amount of reading. As a programmer I do not want to spend hours on hours trying to read through a book. I would rather be shown a series of source code examples with brief descriptions for each section of code.

I did not find this book helpfull in any way. I have to stop buying these dam books. When am I going to learn to just stick with the internet when it comes to tracking down the information I am looking for.

Unless you only know very little about directx this book is for you. Otherwise don't bother!

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