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The XNAGameCodeKit library is a utility library that is intended to make it easier to perform cirtian game tasks by providing general game related classes and methods. 

Below lists the current status of the various features that are either currently working or on the drawing table. For the most recent source updates see the codeplex site where the most up to date XNAGameCodeKit code base is kept.

Working features

  1. TriScanner classfor generating a list of scane lines for a triangle. This is usefull for field of view calculations when using a partitioning method like grids or quad trees etc.

Features on the drawing table and issues to be fixed

  1. Need to add more here


  • (Not Currently availible)
    Contains the code for XNAGameCodeKit Release 1 as well as one example project


  • XNAGameCodeKit Release 1 Demo
    Just a quick demo showing off the XNAGameCodeKit.


  • XNAGameCodeKit Tutorial Part 1
    Shows the steps required to use that TriScanner class for grid detection.


Picture Galleries

  • Release 1 Images
    Some screenshots from the first XNAGameCodeKit release.
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