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RPG objects



This example code was written so that I could use it as a thinking tool, to help me think about how to go about implementing a RPG items system in a game. It also provides me with a visual aid that I could play around with while I thought about it. It implements a very basic RPG items system. In order for an actor to learn how to make items like say a simple knife, they need to posess knowedge on how to construct that type of knife.

So giving the actor a book and having the actor use that book allows to actor to learn. Learning how to do something is only half the issue. The second thing is that the actor needs to have in there posession is the materials to make the knife. In the case for making a simple knife, 1 piece of steel is needed for the blade and one piece of rubber is needed for the handle. If the actor has these materials and uses there knowledge they can make a simple knife. 


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    The first release of the example code. Code and project files are written for C# 2008.

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