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Spouse Beating

Date Written: April 13, 2004

The fallowing was a forum post I made over at
Link current as of April 13, 2004

QUOTE (heretic @ Apr 2 2004, 09:49 AM)

Now, sticking with someone who beats you is NOT love, its severe dysfunction! How can you even say that??!! Thats just scary dude.

logik is right beating your spouce is the best kind of love. For example ...

Man: "Hay! Get me a beer while your in there."
Woman: "Get it your self."
Man: "Bitch, don't make me come in there."
Woman: Storms off to fridge and retrieves beer. Then takes it to man.
Woman: Sarcasticly - "Would you like me to open it for you too ya baby."
Man: Looks upon woman with contempt.
Woman: Takes off cap, then sploshes beer on man.
Man: Gets up quickly and grabs woman.
Woman: Uses beer bottle to beat man over the head.
Man: Thows woman down thru inexpensive coffie table.
Woman: "Umph" - playing hurt.
Man: Storms over to woman to beat her while she is down.
Woman: Kicks man in balls then laughs.
Man: Partilly paralized, grabs his balls with one hand.
Man: Grabs womans tits with other hand. >And twists.<
Woman: Likes what shes getting.
Man: Likes what hes feeling.
(cave man mentality, knock your woman over the head and bag her, then drag her back to your chatuo >IE: Cave.<)
Woman: Bits man in arm.
Man: "Arrrggghhhh"
Woman: Finds comfort/pleasure in hurting man.
Man: "Oh You F#$*&ng bitch" - man starting to recover from cheap shot.
Woman: Manages to get man on his back and has him pinned.
Man: Is getting aroused from the woman being on top.
Woman: Spits in mans face and likes it. (So does man!)
Man: Grabs woman by throat and hair and forces her to kiss him.
Woman: Bites mans lip.
Man: Thinks to him self "Dam shes hot!"
Woman: "You want some more bitch."
Man: Thinks to himself "Ohhhh she call me bitch, shes really getting into it."
Woman: Starts girly punching man in the face.
Man: Ready to ejaculate. Grabs womans fist and twists her fingers.
Woman: Girly scream - "Ahhhhhhhrrrgggg" - Lusts for man even more.
Man: "Urummphff" - ejaculating in pants.
Woman: Uses other hand and grabs mans jaw by putting fingers in mans mouth.
Man: Bites down on womans fingers.
Woman: Is on the verge of ejaculating.
Man: Grabs woman by the tits and pulls her down on top of him.
Woman: Titty grabb is all woman needs to squirt.

After a min and a half brawl the couple lie on each other bloodied, exausted, hot, sweaty, Breathing heavilly, hmmm kinda reminds you of sex don't it?

... ahh yes, love. lolol Whats that old saying ... "You only hurt the one you love." :p

Seeee! violence between couples can be loving too! lolol You just have to put it into context!

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