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The xCollectiveXNA library is a simple library containing two prebuilt generic collections, a standard indexed collection that wraps a List<> type and a standard dictionary collection that wraps a Dictionary<,> type.

This library was created with the intention of allowing me to have a common type across my various projects for building generic collections that raise events.


  1. Easy ready made generic collections that raise before and after events
  2. Wraps the functionality of a List<> or Dictionary<,> objects
  3. Can pass in your own List<> or Dictionary<,> object during creation
  4. Swap out the internal List<> or Dictionary<,> object at any time by setting a property.

Changes from release 1

  1. Removed the CallDisposeOnItems property.
  2. Added xml comments to all the code.
  3. Events now comform to the standard .net (sender, eventargs) style.
  4. Reduced the number of lines of code.



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