xGameConsoleXNA Using functions

Every command that is loaded into the console can be used to return a result. Example one demonstrates how to use the echo command that prints the output result of the help command. Notice that "help commands" is surrounded by [ and ] characters. These characters define the beginning and end of a function.

Example 1: echo [ help commands ]

In example two we use two function calls that results in the text "First, second." being written to the console.

Example 2: echo [ echo First ] [ echo , second. ]

In example three we use two function calls, and in the second function call we embed a third function call that results in the text "First, second, and third." being written to the console.

Example 3: echo [ echo First ] [ echo , second [ echo , and third. ] ]

As you can see by using function calls the xGameConsoleXNA console provides the user with a much more powerful command system for interacting with and debugging your games.

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