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The XNAVisies project is intended to provide debug visualizers for various xna types. XNAVisies is designed for XNA 3.0 and VS 2008.


Below is a list of xna types that XNAVisies has debug visualizers for ...

  • Color
  • Matrix
  • RenderTarget2D and Texture2D (supporting the fallowing formats)
    • SurfaceFormat.Color
    • SurfaceFormat.Bgr32
    • SurfaceFormat.Bgra1010102
    • SurfaceFormat.Rgba32
    • SurfaceFormat.Rgb32
    • SurfaceFormat.Rgba1010102
    • SurfaceFormat.Alpha8
    • SurfaceFormat.Single
    • SurfaceFormat.Vector2
    • SurfaceFormat.Vector4

Future additions

  • Vector2 and Vector3
  • Stencil buffer (if that is even possible)
  • The matrix visualizer command window is not yet implemented



Installation Help

  • Just copy the compiled XNAVisies.dll file into your "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers" folder and you are done.


Very special thanks to Derek Smyth at
His blog post titled "Type Visualizers : Visualizing non-serializable types." helped me in figuring out how to create a debug visualizer for types that are not marked serializable.

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