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Build Tools / Templates / Productivty

  • XNAContentCode
    A pre-build utility for auto generating code so developers can reference game assets via C# code rather then using strings.
  • Post Processing Effect
    This item template is a class that helps to simplify performing post processing effects in XNA.
  • XNAVisies
    The XNAVisies project is intended to provide debug visualizers for various xna types.

Code Snips

  • DrawString method with word wrap and text alignment
    This code snip allows drawing a string in xna and having that string word wrapped or text alligned. Also supports multiline text. 
  • ExtendedContentManager
    The ExtendedContentManager class inherits from ContentManager and adds one overloaded Load<> method that allows you to load content assest from disk again rather then being forced to use a cached reference to that content.

Content Pipeline

  • StreamContentProcessor
    StreamContentProcessor allows you to use simple stream based importer and/or processors, so you can read your content files as a stream using content.Load<System.IO.Stream>("AssetName");
  • StringBuilderContentProcessors
    The StringBuilderContentProcessors content processer allows XNA developers to use regular text files as game assets using the xna content pipeline, and returns a StringBuilder object containing the text data using content.Load<StringBuilder>("AssetName");
  • XMLDocContentProcessor
    It seems XNA and GSE (Game Studio Express) does not ship with a simple xml importer and/or processors, so you can use xml files as a game asset. The XMLDocContentProcessor library allows XNA developers to use regular xml files as game assets using the xna content pipeline, and returns a XMLDocument object containing the xml data using content.Load<XMLDocument>("AssetName");

 Example Projects

Utility and Framework Libraries

  • XNAExtendz
    A library that provides many xna specific extention methods.
  • xCollectiveXNA
    The xCollectiveXNA library is a simple library containing two ready made generic collection types. 
  • Axiom XNA Controllers
    The AxiomXNAControllers library simply consists of the controller components extracted from the Axiom Rendering Engine, for use with the xna framework.
  • zeeAni
    zeeAni is a frame based animation system that uses generics.
  • XNAGameCodeKit
    A helper library that provide general game related classes and helpers methods to make xna programming easier.
  • xPropMod
    A small library intended to provide modifiable property values using interfaces.
  • Kerwilu
    Kerwilu is intended to provide a foundation for character properties (Agility, Strength, Spirit etc) that are enhanced by equipping things like armor and weapons.  
  • SLPathfindaz
    The SLPathfindaz library is intended to provide a easy to use A* pathfinding implementation for xna.
  • Ohsai
    Ohsai is a AI framework designed to make coding AI for games much easier and uses microsofts Kodu for inspiration.


  • Zider Game Engine
    The Zider game engine will be a 2D/3D hybrid game engine focusing on 2D side scrolling, and top down game play styles.
  • Kabombulator
    Kabombulator is a rts game where the goal is to both defend your base as well as send out troops to destroy your enemies base.

Game Components

  • TiledBackground
    The TiledBackground library provides a single component for drawing a tiled background.
  • AvatarDialogBoxes
    The AvatarDialogBoxes library is designed to provide popup dialog windows for displaying text.
  • CBXInputBindings
    The CBXInputBindings library provides a abstracted user input model so that the developer does not have to deal with the details of handling user input.
  • Pluunty
    Pluunty is a simple in game pointer system.
  • xGameConsoleXNA
    The xGameConsoleXNA is a easy to use in game console system.
  • ZexMenu
    The ZexMenu is a simple easy to use menuing system for making fast in game menu selections.
  • xFripperyXNA
    xFripperyXNA is a simple easy to use framework for implementing GUI systems.
  • CBXInput4XNA
    The CBXInput4XNA library is designed to make it easy to work with user input.
  • Waazly
    The Waazly library is intended to provide simple easy to use sprite animation sequences.
  • xMessages
    The xMessage component is designed for in game chararacter dialog to be displayed similar to games like Final Fantasy for the NES.
  • XNAAchievers
    The XNAAchievers component is designed for tracking in game user achievements.
    The XNAGSM (Game State Management) library is a modified version of the game state management sample availible at
  • SimpleXNAGUI
    A simple skinable gui system built for xna.

Visual Studio Code Snippet Files

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