Jan 17, 2003

Published 1/16/2003 by createdbyx in News

Added "Quick Tips" to development section.

Jan 16, 2003

Published 1/15/2003 by createdbyx in News
  • Added "DX9 Direct3D Modes" example to the development section
  • Updated all of my DX9 Examples to use the official DX9 SDK release and not the beta files for DX9.
  • Fixed a known bug in the DX9 Textures example file. Read the Readme.txt file in that file for more info.

Site Updates

Published 1/12/2003 by createdbyx in News
  • Started work on new ASP.NET rewrite of this site.
  • Updated the links section.
  • Added CommonCBX.NET and GameTools.NET libraries to the development section.
  • Added DX9Tools Release 2 to the  DX9Tools section
  • The freedom project has begun.

Added how to sample

Published 12/27/2002 by createdbyx in News

Added "How To" sample to the development section

Dec 19 Update

Published 12/18/2002 by createdbyx in News
  • DX9Tools Release 1 Source code has now been released.
  • Added DX9 Texture sample
  • Fixed some minor visual deficiencies.

Dec 8 Update

Published 12/7/2002 by createdbyx in News
  • Added macromedia flash based side bar
  • Fixed broken links

Added more content to the development section

Added more content

Published 11/28/2002 by createdbyx in News

Added more content to the development section

Registered createdbyx.com

Published 11/17/2002 by createdbyx in News

Registered CBX domain name "www.createdbyx.com"

Still Under Construction

Published 8/18/2002 by createdbyx in News

Web site still under construction

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