Website may be up and down over next few months. I'm currently doing a complete overhaul of everything. Going back to simple individual .htm pages, new overall site theme, sanitizing and cleaning up html of all pages and blog posts, attempting to implement a new tooling and publishing system etc etc.

Been playing a bit here and there on the PTR for World of Warcraft 4.1. The new tier 2 heroics are looking good but I have not been able to complete the instances because of bad pugs that disband early.

Also been having another problem that other people have had where everything is going fine and I'm in a good group that knows what there doing and poof loading screen, and I get sent back to stormwind with a message saying that the group has been disbanded even though no one had left the group. Just some sort of random auto disband bug.

Anyway I took a bunch of pics.

Here are some pics from the new dungeon finder window

And some pics from the new guild finder window

Also some pics from the new character window

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