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Published 6/18/2004 by createdbyx in News

Holy crap I hope I don't have to do that again for a while. This morning I decided move my desk/bed combo to the basment as it is getting way too hot during the day upstairs. Well I started at 10 am and did not stop until 8pm. This custom build desk/bed combo is alot of work to dissassemble then re-assemble. the thing has to weigh 200lbs. Well every thing is finnaly setup up in the basment now but I still have to tidy up my room upstairs. urghh! I'll leave it for tomorrow.

So... Any one enjoying the peep show the last few days? hehe. There be boobies on my web page! <link no longer exists> Bloody hot weather. :( You could sweat just doing nothing!

Anyway I have been delayed uploading my WamPosterCL (Webcam image poster/uploader) application because it seems it only wants to capture a few images before it starts having problems. I have it set up under the windows task scheduler to capture an image every ten minutes. Then I use the built in windows ftp command line to upload the captured image to my web site. I have been trying to track down the problem and if I can't figure it out by monday I will post the app anyway. Capture bug included. I also have not dismissed that it could be my web cam that is at fault as well.

DLink DSC-350F <link no longer exists>

To use FTP from the command line click start run and type "cmd". then type ftp at the command line to start the ftp app. I believe the ftp command line is availible as far back as win98 but I could be wrong.

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