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Work Delegation

Published 4/8/2015 by createdbyx in News

I came across a YouTube video related to delegating your work and thought I would try and break it down more as it video did not quite make sense to me at first.

5 day work week       
8hrs day           
$25hr wage           
$200 a day           
$1000 week income   

1 day work week
8hrs day
$30hr wage
$240 day
$240 week income

(me) $1000 a week – (assistant) $240 a week = (me) $760 at end of week

I earned $760 adjusted weekly income and I worked 5 days a week

I work 5 days a week and spend $240 a week for someone to work one day means I technically put in a 6 day work week but personally earned $760 if I used an assistant to work that extra day. Normally I would have had to work a 6 day a week job but hiring the assistant means I can work a regular 5 day a week job.

In reality if I personally worked for 5 days a week without an assistant I would earn $1000 a week. At 4 days a week at $25hr I make $800 week Monday to Thursday. I hire an assistant at $30hr to work on Friday and they get my $200 a day wage for taking my place and working on Friday. Then on Friday I give them an extra $40 for working on Friday so they earn there $30hr/$240 a day wage.

So at the end of the week I make $800 - $40 = $760 income for a 5 day work week even though I only actually worked 4 days. You earn $760 take home at the end of the week after having paid $40 to not work on Friday. The benefit to me is that for $40 a week expense I can work 4 days a week and have someone else do my job on Friday.

For the assistant they are getting paid more money then I do at $30hr plus I am paying them an additional $40 for that day of work. So the assistant doing my job for one day actually gets paid $5hr more than I would have earned.

Just because I paid someone to work one extra day for me what benefit does that get me? I still work 4 days a week and I have to spend money to hire an assistant to work 1 extra day but in reality where does that get me?

Essentially what I am getting from hiring an assistant is 24hrs of free time and it only costs me $40. And having 24hrs of free time allows me to get other things done. This is of course totally dependent on how valuable the work my assistant does and weather or not they are properly trained and capable of performing the assigned tasks. From the assistants perspective they are making $5hr more then I do but are under more pressure to perform in order to keep the job in order to justify the $30hr wage.

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