Uh oh...

Published 10/24/2004 by createdbyx in News

You guys I am soooo sorry! I just don't know what I was thinking! Oh man.... I hope you can forgive me,... I just don't know what came over me,... I know, I know, I will try,... but but, I havent't even played Farcry, and Doom3 yet! Nooo, NOOOO, I haven't been playing too much Unreal Tournoment 2004!!! Oh be quiet you don't know what you are talking about!

Uh might not wanna expect too much from me in the next week or more,... At least until, I have finished playing Doom3, and Farcry. Just picked up these games yesterday. Of cource Halo2 and HalfLife 2 are just around the corner also, hmmm,.... Crowbar,.. mmmm,... Yes, master chief! :)

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