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Published 6/21/2006 by createdbyx in News

Too lazy to come up with a more descriptive title for this post. :p

Anyway I figured it's about time I made a post to show people I'm still alive. I am still working in edmonton and will be heading back home at the end of june. Finnally!

I just submitted my Fart Sniffer tutorial to gamedev.net so I will see if they accept it or not.

I also purchased my first camcorder! The Sony HDR-HC3. It's a pretty cool camera. I researched camcorders for about 3 weeks and had all but decided NOT to spend $2000 CDN on a comcorder, even though all the reviews I read gave it good scores. I was not willing to spend all that much. That was until I walked into best buy and saw the demo that was on display and saw the clarity the camear was capable of. Even sweeter, I waited for about a week before decideding to purchase it, and as it turns out the price droped to $1799 CDN. And on top of that I found a cheaper price at www.thecamerastore.com for $1599 CDN. That was enough incentive for me to spend the few hundred dollars more for the HC3. Bestbuy will match and beat any advertised price so all I had to do was show them that I had found the HC3 selling for $200 cheaper and bing! $200 dollar savings! Whoot! Unfortunatly I spend over $300 in accessories like a 2gig memory stick pro duo, tripod, extra minidv tapes, camera bag , additional battery etc, so in the end I still ended up spending over $2000 CDN.

The only thing that kinda bugs me is that I will not be able to see just how good the camera really is for some time, as I do not have a 1080 high definition tv to view my recordings on. :( So very sad.

But at least I now have a digitial camera for taking pictures and video of the treks I go on up the mountians and such. As well as the possibility of a video blog! In HD! Hmmm maybe not, but we'll see.

I am also hoping to make an extra $2000 CDN or so before heading home so I can renew my msdn pro subscription just in time for windows vista to ship. Although I have to admit I am weary of doing so, because the last time droped $2000 CDN on a msdn subscription I never even used a tenth of the software I recieved. Seems a wee bit of a waste.

I should also mention that I am still hard at work on my xGSuite projects(s) and have got a basic working game engine running with integrated menus, console, etc. It's just a matter of figuring out weather or not the libraries I have created are benifiting the development of the game engine or hindering it. Hopefully not hindering it because that would mean back to the drawing board for me.

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