Oh Shit! F*#$ing awsome!!!

Published 10/25/2009 by createdbyx in Gallery | News

I was just reviewing comments made to my picture that I had posted on panoramio and I noticed a link called "Look around" so I click it and BAM! The same technology that microsoft research has been working on only now it has been put to good use! Freaking Awesome!

I had taken a large number of pictures of the same area out by lakelse lake and panoramio now knows that those pictures are of the same location. Panoramio also does it for the a few pictures I took during the winter halfway up thornhill mountian road at the lookout point. I going to have to hike up there again this summer and take a but load of pictures so panoramio can piece together a proper view from up there!

EDIT: LOL Apparently panoramio has had that feature as far back as 2008 and I'm just finding out about it now. :P

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