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xGameConsleXNA is a easy to use and easy to implement in game console system, containing more advanced capabilities that extend it's functionality beyond traditional in game console systems.

ToDo List

  • Modify the code to implement a interface that will handle the command parsing. So that developers can create there own command syntax.


  • Creating Custom Console Commands
    Short tutorial on how to create a custom command that can be added to extend the console functionality.
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Provides helpful tips on the various keyboard shortcuts that are availible when using the ConsoleComponent class.
  • Using functions
    Short explaination on how to use the return value from one command as an argument for another.
  • XBox360 gamepad shortcuts
    Provides information on how to use the xbox360 gamepad to control the console.



  • Release 1 Intro
    Provides a brief introduction to the xGameConsoleXNA (Release 1) functionality. This video does not represent the current operational status of the console. Release 2 contains signifigant improvements to the console functionality.


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