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DX9Tools update...

Published 5/14/2004 by createdbyx in News

I have uploaded the 5.53mb snapshot of the full DX9Tools R5 solution. Including ...

GameToolsR2 <- this is also a pre-release
MAXExport and the maxscript for exporting scene data compatible with 3DS MAX v3 and above
MSAni maxscript parser exporter <- possibly discontinued because MAXExport replaces it
DXEliminatorR2 <- this is also a pre-release
Easy Rendering System project. <- work in progress

NOTE: That this is not to be considered an actual release just a third pre-release snapshot.

I am thinking that I am going to merge the DX9Tools, GameTools, and DXEliminator libraries into the DX9Tools library. This would help to unify all three libraries as well as redudce the complexity of having to manage 3 seprate libraries, and should make it easier for all of you who are using the libraries.

I am also thinking I am not going to bother uploading "pre-release snapshots" for DX9Tools but instead, just make a release even if that release contains code that is not complete or simply does not work yet.

You can find link to download the DX9Tools R5 snapshot3 here ...
DX9Tools at gotdotnet

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