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The contest is now closed.Thanks to all the people who submitted there entries!

NOTICE: I have been notified that gmail will bounce back emails sent to if they contain an *.exe file as an attachment. Even if the attachment is a *.zip file that contains an *.exe! To over come this problem be sure when you submit a game for the competition that you rename attached *.zip files to somthing like *.zipx.

Q: When does the contest Start / End?
A: The contest has now started and will close June 1, 2005.

Q: Who has donated the prizes?
A: All prizes are being donated by Created by: X

Q: Can I make a submission now even though the contest has not yet started?
A: Yes you can just make sure that you fallow the rules for submission.

Q: How will games entered into the contest be judged.
A: Games will be judged, not nessesarily by there completion, but by there effort. Graphics, Audio, and Gameplay will all be a factor. Judging will consist of a rating the game with a 5 point rating system based on the fallowing aspects of the game ...

  • Graphics
  • Game play
  • Sound and music (this is not a requirment / see below)

Each category will be rated 1 out of 5. Then each category will be averaged and that average will become the games score.
For example if a game was given a score of ...

Graphics = 3
Game Play = 5
Audio = 2

... the games score would be 3.33 ((Graphics + Game Play + Audio) / 3)

Additionally each judges score of that game will be averaged to produce a final score for the game

Judge 1 = 3.33
Judge 2 = 4
Judge 3 = 2.5

The games final score would be 3.27 ((Judge 1 + Judge 2 + Judge 3) / 3)

Sound and Music will not be a requirement of the game as it can add much more complexity to the code. And some games may simply not require it. In the event that a game has no sound, a default score of 2.5 will be given, unless the judge decides to give a different score, if they think it would have been a better or worse game if it did have sound etc. 

Q: If I do not qualify for the contest, for example I live outside Canada or the USA, can I still enter the contest but have the prize donated to an induvidual or organization my behalf that does live in Canada or the USA?
A: This request will be handled on a induvidual basis and is solely the decision of contest founder,

Q: Who can enter the contest?
A: This is a tough question, one that I have though about for some time. I would have liked to have the contest open for everyone. But because of export restrictions both known and unknown I have decided all entrants must reside either in Canada or the USA. Adresses located outside of these contries will not be accepted.

Q: Why is there no voting system so everybody can vote for there favorite game?
A: Because of the complexities of setting up a voting system and ensuring that there is no cheating a private judging system consisting of three people was decided upon.

Q: What if I want to change the title, description or something else for the game as well?
A: Simply send an email containing your uniuqe key and your request to and your request will be processed.

Q: Why is there no submission form? Why do we need to send our game via email?
A: This site is currently being rewritten in from scratch and the new site will not be availible for some time.

Q: Does the game have to be open source?
A: I was going to say no it does not, but I have decided that all entries must be open source. The reason for this is so other people can pick it apart and learn from it, and how it works. But also just as importantly, to ensure that the game complys with the rules for submission. (IE: was written in vb) And also to prevent entries from being submitted that may have been pirated/stolen and submitted under the assumtion that the submitter is the creator/owner of the game.

But if someone wishes to submit a game, but does not want the code to be open source, I may entertain the idea of someone submitting only the compiled game. But in order to do so I would still request that source code be privately submitted to myself ( in order to determin/verify that the previous points I made in the above paragraph are met. Each judge is responcible for respecting whatever restrictions/copywrights/licences and tradmarks there are regarding the game and it's source code. Please note that only  will have access to the code, if the code is submitted in private. No other judges will have access.

Q: If I submit a game how many screen shots can I have displayed for my game?
A: You can have up to 5 screen shots for your submitted game.

Q: What if I don't want to have my game stored on the web site? Can I just provide a link for people to download my game?
A: Your game must be hosted on the web site. But if you so choose you can also provide links to download the game from alternate sources.

Q: What will happen to my game after all is said and done and the contest has closed?
A: Your game will become a permanant fixture of this site. I an planning on holding more contests in the future so, eventually I will have a section on this site where people can return and read about who won what and when. If you wish to have your game and files removed from this site, after the contest closes, just send me an email at with your included unuiqe key (see submission page ) and I will respond your request.

Q: I downloaded a game from the 'Game Entries' page but I am having problems getting it to work, what do I do?
A: You can contact the author if they have provided contact info, or you can contact and I will attempt to contact the author of the game and inform him of the problem.

Q: I know that you cannot have scrolling, but can we have different areas? For example, finish one level move to the next? Or perhaps 'dig' down and the top layer fades out and the next layer is visible, but doesnt extend off the screen?
A: Yes you can. So long as the map you are playing, is entirly visible on the screen.

Q: Is scrolling allowed like they had it in the first Zelda?  (It's only one screen, and you move to the left, top, right, or bottom of the screen to go to the next area of the map)?
A: I've thought about that and I guess I'd have to say yes. I say yes because the original Zelda for the NES was basically a series of one screen maps tied together. It was not a true side scrolling game. So yes, games that play like the original Zelda for the NES are OK.

Q: Will contestants be able to use 3rd party .dll's, controls, and such? We can submit the source for the VB code that controls the game but we would not be able to submit the source for any external dll's, controls, etc.?
A: Yes you can. If you wish to use third party graphics libraries/Controls/Dll's etc you can but the core game engine still needs to written in vb (or which ever you prefer).

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