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The contest is now closed.Thanks to all the people who submitted there entries!

NOTICE: I have been notified that gmail will bounce back emails sent to  if they contain an *.exe file as an attachment. Even if the attachment is a *.zip file that contains an *.exe! To over come this problem be sure when you submit a game for the competition that you rename attached *.zip files to somthing like *.zipx.

To submit an entry simply send it via email to with your attached game project. Please make sure that the fallowing information is also provided.

  • Your Name (or Screen Name)
  • Optional - Your email
  • Optional - Your website or the website for the game
  • The title of the game
  • A description of the game
  • Any screen shots of the game you wish to include (up to 5)
  • Be sure to attach the compiled game and source code. See Rules

After you have submitted an entry you will recieve an email with a uniuqe key. Please do not misplace or loose this key as you will need it if you decide to submit an updated version of the game before the contest closes. You will also need this key in order to update or change any of the information you have provided. Please be aware that no other judges will be made aware of your unuiqe key. I repeat do not give your unuiqe key to anyone, other then Judges have been selected only to judge the game submissions, and they take no part in managing of the website.

Q: What if I want to change the title, description or something else for the game as well?
A: Simply send an email containing your uniuqe key and your request to and your request will be processed.

Q: Why is there no submission form? Why do we need to send our game via email?
A: This site is currently being rewritten in from scratch and the new site will not be availible for some time. Sorry.

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