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Alot can be said about ...

Published 6/11/2010 by createdbyx in News

Many people have seen this animated gif around the internet.

But a lot can be said about it as it relates to being a computer programmer ...

  • It starts off nice and calm, steadily typing away and generally getting work done.
  • Shortly there after for a brief moment the pace quickens as if to to suggest a great idea is under way.
  • Quick typing turns to mild frustration. Perhaps because of performing multi line copy/paste re-factoring that can quickly become strenuous without the right addons or IDE.
  • Soon frustration sets in, and coding results in button mashing as yet another failed aproach is realized.
  • Frustration builds and merges with past frustrations that quickly transform into mild anger. Anger towards insufficient tools, language limitations, and the realization that a computer is just a over glorified calculator, you still need to tell it to how to equate every step of the way. IE: 1 + 1.
  • A vocal outburst can be seen. A scream of a thousand thousand hours of endless coding. And it still does not work right.
  • Teeth clench to bite off the noise. In the next instant self preservation switches off. The hands welt and bruise, the bones of the wrists and arms begin to shatter and explode upon impact.
  • There is no turning back at this point. With arms no more then stumps, only the face remains.
  • The forhead splits, teeth slip there roots.
  • The eyes that have looked upon millions, no billions of lines of code are next to go. 
  • The remaining skull and jaw bones shatter upon impact.
  • Leaning back, exausted and bloodied, bearly concious, moments from death, it is over. No more frustration, no more stress, the last of many projects left unfinished.
  • Gravity takes over and pulls the lifeless corpse down upon the keyboard that recorded countless keystrokes.
  • As the remaining blood leaks out, and the last spark of thought to cross the mind is that nothing had been acomplished.

All that remains is the blood, sweat and tears that now cover the souless machine.

But all is not lost. For this is but an imagining. Thus the image resets and begins a new. An endless repeating loop, each iteration invoking further reflection.


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